Strategic Meeting Management

We consider this to be the main driving force behind the centralization and consolidation of meetings procurement. Our experience spans processes, spend, volumes and suppliers, helping us help you to make measurable savings, minimize financial risk and get the highest levels of service.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that one size definitely does not fit all and that flexibility is the only way to approach an organic process that’s constantly adjusting to changing demands. We give you an advice at any stage, whether it be working in partnership with you and your existing program, or helping you develop a strategy for implementation.

Vendor management

Vendor management is more than just telling suppliers what to do, or trying to bring down costs. It’s about creating a solid relationship with them. After all, they play a vital part in making sure your event is a triumph. Our experience of managing events means we know exactly how to seamlessly integrate all those different suppliers into a project.

Managing Process

We’ll monitor the key performance indicators and the service level agreements that are initially set up, along with the terms and conditions and rates. We establish those lines of communication early on in the process to make sure there’s no overlap or duplication of work. We’ll also consolidate all the reporting back to you in one, easy to digest document.

Seamless Efficiency

And as you know, efficient relationships lead to quicker turnarounds, better use of time and money, and a strong platform for executing the perfect event — no matter the size.

Preferred Supplier Programs

If you want to run an RFP yourself, or have us run one on your behalf – either way is no problem. We will agree with you how closely we oversee this program and help you leverage spend more efficiently. We work with you to analyze your booking patterns, location choices and spend levels to put together your comprehensive preferred supplier program, which provides a line of advantages:

  • Agreed terms and conditions to minimize risk to your business of cancellations and numbers reducing
  • Avoid unnecessary deposit payments
  • Tap into preferred transient property rates
  • Consolidate meetings and transient spend to leverage better deals with suppliers
  • Ensure your competitors are not using the same venue at the same time

Crisis management

In times of crisis, you need a fast and assured response. Your people and business come first and we will work quickly to co-ordinate support and find alternative solutions. Everyone in our team is trained in risk and crisis management. Our procedures ensure a full risk assessment is carried out before, during and after the event. We will constantly monitor and react to the crisis, changing our plans accordingly to ensure the continued safety of participants.

Risk management

There is no two ways about it – there are inherent risks in running an event. The art is managing these risks to the best of your ability and making sure there are contingency plans in place for most eventualities. We can help you with this! We can provide you with a full risk assessment before the event. This leaves you to focus on your event, knowing that you have done everything within your power to keep your staff and delegates safe.

Management information

Business intelligence is the lifeblood of any strategic planning. Right from day one, your account director will work with you to ensure you have the right set of reports in place and will continuously review the information collected to help work with you on a strategic meetings program. Your account director will use this management information to highlight opportunities for savings and areas of risk to your business. Whether from a cost, risk or perception perspective we can help you bring your event spend under control.