About Us

CMC is Latvian Management Company delivering comprehensive international services for meetings, events, conferences and accommodation.

Power of knowledge

Power of knowledge is built over years of experience with every conceivable event. An event is only as powerful as people who give it life. CMC international standards of management excellence are possible because of the people “behind the scene” and the knowledge and experience they can apply. The power of knowledge allows our team to raise your game and to elevate your event to its maximum potential.

Power of numbers

The power of an idea is only fully realized when supported by an understanding of the numbers involved. The consistent delivery of intricate detail along with magnificent scale, with precision, is the secret behind every successful event. Logistics planning and infrastructure mapping, leads to flawless event management. The numbers and our management of them are the backbone of the event, and complement our energy and creativity and to the POWER of CMC.

Power of imagination

Successful events require a marriage of creativity and action - a right brain–left brain partnership. To give a grand vision body and depth requires flawless execution, where space, light, sound and ambiance and event logistics are balanced to create a spectacular whole.