CMC Nordic is a Swedish-Latvian printing house with more than twenty proud and respected years in the printing business. 95% of our clients are international companies and we produce and deliver everything from traditional printing products such as brochures and business cards to tailor-made solutions in POS, gift items and packing.

We produce mainly in-house, but for specific requests we have reliable partnerships with other printing houses and design agencies Pan-Baltic. This network of partners provides us with an opportunity to offer you as our client a one-stop, full-service printing and design shop. If you are interested in what the Baltic countries can offer you in marketing communication materials, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Let CMC Nordic be your trusted partner in the Baltics!

CMC Nordic SIA Core Competences

  • Technical/subject matter know-how regarding an efficient development and production POS and Promotional Materials;
  • Total employee dedication and company culture to maintain reliable production process and close relationships with customers and suppliers

CMC Nordic SIA Environmental Policies

As an organization often being asked to prove we’re environmentally astute before people will give us the order to produce their products, our Internal Environmental Policy helps us to secure business for the organization. We’re an environmental aware organization with above the average environmental credentials – however even we can work harder towards being sustainable.

We have a mixture of big national targets and small local ones. For example, we set out to reduce overall consumption across the organization.

We’ve also been:
  • Investing in modern environmentally friendly production technologies. Also as for today, only environmentally certified (by EU standards) chemicals are being used in our production circle.
  • Recycling production residuum of paper, plastics, and metals.
  • Performing a safe disposal and recycling of all the chemicals.
  • We have set a reducing target of 3% to reduce mileage, travel, and electricity consumption.
  • Setting a target of adapting a part of our production system for reduced amount of IPA in dampening solutions with long-term goal of 100% alcohol-free printing.

Mid term and long-term strategy

Our company have set a goal to establish itself as acknowledged and proficient advertising and promotional production company with core competences (named above).

With an emphasis on, in the first phase:
  • To contribute to the value delivered to the customers existing levels of performance standards for in-house Printing Services by updating quality control system,.
  • Efficient utilization of existing resources and identifying potentials in order to provide initiatives for the benefit of our customers.