CMC Nordic is not only delivering the actual production, but also other additional services linked with pre- and post-production. Our post-production services include the most logical, safe and price-worthy transport and delivery of your finished products. If you are in the Stockholm region we can deliver within 24 hours, the rest of Scandinavia generally between 2 – 5 days.

If you for example need delivery at more than one time of a one-time production, then we can offer a warehousing solution to keep your production costs down. Just let us know when and where you need it delivered and we will keep your products safe until delivery date. In addition, we can provide packaging services; simply send the products and we will pack them – individually or in kits.


If you are planning to combine multiple products into new product kits, then we are able to provide warehouse kitting services. It will reduce your inventory and save on costs as we can combine it with our warehousing and packaging production services.

CMC Nordic can provide the design of the packaging as well as manage the material purchase process. In addition, our flexible staffing solutions assist you when you encounter sudden increases in demand or need customised assembly results.


CMC Nordic can, in addition to printing and design, offer warehousing, kitting and packing services. In regards to packing we can provide manual packing, bundling, wrapping, sealing and labelling in an efficient and effective manner saving you time and money.

We are naturally offering the most convenient and cost-efficient packing solution to your printing products for a safe transport and delivery.

Contact us for more information about our comprehensive and customised packing services.


If you want to save money on production costs, but need the products delivered on separate times, then CMC Nordic can provide warehousing services. We will then be able to deliver on schedule and at the same time keep the costs down.

When it’s time for transport we choose the delivery company most suitable depending on the product, delivery deadline and of course cost.

Give us a call or send an e-mail for more info regarding our packing, kitting and warehousing services, combining these services with our printing and design plus delivery services make us your one-stop shop for your promotional needs.